Residential Systems

If you’re considering alternate energy for your home now is the time to contact us and learn about the advantages of clean, affordable solar energy. We can help you take advantage of alternative energy incentives from the state and federal government.




  1. • Generate your own power
  2. • Photovoltaic – Wind – Hydro – Hybrid
  3. • Save on utility bills
  4. • Reduce greenhouse emissions
  5. • Reduce fossil fuel dependence
  6. • Proven UL technology
  7. • 5 – year total system warranty

M A P PRODUCTIONS is commited to customer satisfaction. We are working to bring you the very best in ALTERNATIVE ENERGY. We provide personal service to our clients. We will provide all paper work, plans and permits for your job.

The Solar division of M A P Productions has been owned and operated in Culver City by Michael Parsons since 1998. Michael’s background as a traditional electrical contractor provides the experience to help Government organizations, Architectural Firms, General

Contractors and individual homeowners get the maximum benefits of converting to solar power. Since 1998 M A P Productions has designed and built over 75 PV systems, including PV water pumping systems.

Credentials include:

  • • PV System Design and Installation Training
  • • Seimans Solar Group
  • • Los Angeles D.W.P. Solar Contractor
  • • Multi-contact UL certified proper installation process
  • • BEW Engineering Advanced PV Design and Installation
  • • Los Angeles D.W.P. Solar Advanced Installer Training
  • • Los Angeles D.W.P. Solar Stakeholders Input for Guidelines


  • • U.S.C. School of Architecture 2nd year students on code compliant B.I.P.V. design
  • • Woodbury School of Architecture & Design on PV design and installation
  • • Loyola Marymount School of Electrical Engineering & Science Club Sustainable PV designs
  • • Mike has also appeared as a court-appointed expert witness in cases involving electrical and solar power systems.

Electrical Contractor License #746270 C-10


At Work

• Free estimates
• Free site survey to find your solar
  power potential
• All paper work for rebates
• Turn-key PV solar systems
• Lighting and service upgrades
• Power management

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